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We need your help now so that our Christian prison ministry can get the Gospel into prisons nationwide. Lives can be changed and crimes can be reduced. Please contribute what you can and if possible donate on a monthly basis. Thank you in advance for your financial support.

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Why Donate to Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.

Reasons to Support BBFI including Testimonials of Chaplains and Inmates

Incarcerated convicts read their Bibles far more often than the general public, and we can’t get Bibles into the prisons fast enough to meet the increasing demand. Our role model book, entitled “Samuel Morris” is also a big success, as are our Christian videos, newsletters, tracts, and little Bible booklets. The chaplains have found them to be a very effective tool in spreading the Word of God, especially when there are so few chaplains and inmate populations are growing larger every year. For the most part, correctional facility chaplains receive no funding from the government for the purchase of Bibles or similar Christian material. And that is why they depend so much on the gifts of private charities, such as Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.

Years ago, one Ohio chaplain, after receiving a letter from us offering him free Christian material for the inmates at his prison, wrote back to us explaining how timely our offer had been. For there had been a recent riot there and all the inmates were in 24 hour lock down. He had desperately wanted Christian literature to give them, as the tension had been very bad. We were happy to comply! In 1996, funding was down a lot, therefore we were forced to temporarily discontinue Bible distribution in prisons. However, one federal prison chaplain speaking to Eric Kaestner on the phone, said reassuringly, “That’s okay. I have been able to get Bibles from other prison ministries. But you are the only ones who provide me with role model books and Christian videos.”

We could give you many other examples of the benefits derived from the work we are doing, but we don’t want you to just take our word for it. So we asked some of the chaplains to tell you in their own words how this ministry has assisted in their labor for the Lord. We also requested some inmates to tell you how we have helped them with their walk with Jesus.

Testimonials and Why Donate To Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.

Testimonial from Michael Sellers, an inmate in California. Testimonial from Tom Wilmas, an inmate in Missouri. Testimonial from Dennis Van Lee, an inmate in Michigan. Prison inmates at a chapel worship service in Texas. Testimonial from Chaplain Mark W. Pickett in Texas. Testimonial from Chaplain Gerald Silliman in Alaska.


“Through Bible Believers Fellowship’s abundant generosity of inspirational booklets, pamphlets and newsletters, it has had a definite positive impact on the inmate population, and we appreciate their faithful, dependable, God-loving charitable hearts. I love the way you express your innermost feelings, through your faith filled words, such as found in the Nov/Dec 1996 issue of The Good News Letter, [paraphrased] “to bathe in the comforting presence of God; ah what a joy it is to see it on the bright faces of Christian believers, their eyes sparkling with fire; their enthusiasm giving us strength, courage and energy.” Through Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc’s abundant generosity of inspirational booklets, pamphlets and newsletters, it has had a definite positive impact on the inmate population, and we appreciate their faithful, dependable, God-loving charitable hearts. Money invested in God’s work, is never wasted; like energy, it may change its form, like water, or a mustard seed; but as long as God is allowed (by faith) to be the gardener, He will and does make it grow and multiply. And you know that God will not be outdone in generosity!”

Chaplain Bill Lindsey, Wm. Donaldson Facility (Bessemer, AL)


“The video and the tracts that you have given us are GREAT! The inmates are excited about the new material. I thank God for people like you. I pray that God continues to bless your ministry and all people associated with it. Keep up the good work!”

Chaplain Gerald Silliman, Hiland Mountain Corr. Center (Eagle River, AK) and Palmer Corr. Center (Palmer, AK)


“We are very cautious about the doctrine we present to the inmates, and I spent a lot of time reviewing the newsletters of Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. for Biblical truths before requesting them. I believe the doctrine presented is true and not of anyone’s personal opinion, and appreciate being able to give it to them in confidence that it won’t vary from the Word. I have seen growth since we started giving out the newsletters, and that to me is a blessing!”

Chaplains Gerhard and Sheryl Griesinger, Mohave County Jail and Annex (Kingman, AZ)


“Most chaplains I know have no funds allocated to them to purchase religious materials. The materials we get are all donated. To many who are coming to prison now - this will be the first time to read a Bible. For some this will be the first time to slow down and want something different in their life - some are tired of the bad decisions, and the prison setting, and don’t want to come back. The word “sin” is beginning to make sense to some and they are looking for answers. Bibles and other Christian materials that are contributed by Bible Believers Fellowship are the “seeds” for God’s power and grace to get into lives for behavioral change and spiritual peace.”

Chaplain John Hagan, Diagnostic Unit (Pine Bluff, AR)


“Through Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. I’ve built a foundation, a sense of unhappiness with my past criminal behavior, and criminal thinking, and replacing them with a sense of responsibility and development of empathy for others. I am learning to think in ways that are rational, realistic, and responsible. Most of all, I found Jesus.”

Michael Sellers, inmate at Federal Correctional Institution (Lompoc, CA)


“I feel prisoners need to have a balanced understanding of God’s Word. Bible Believers Fellowship provides that balance that enables prisoners to obtain a whole knowledge of the Word of God and of the Christian life. Hearing, seeing, and reading the Word. Hearing and seeing how it changes lives is a constant encouragement to inmates. Many of these men are responding to the call of God on their lives to preach and teach the Good News. They have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get the Word of God in them and they want any good material they can lay their hands on.”

Chaplain Dennis West, Bent County Correctional Facility (Las Animas, CO)


“Bible Believers Fellowship has been instrumental in providing key Gospel materials and Bibles to present to the more than 1,000 men transiting North Florida Reception Center monthly. The evangelistic outreach to these inmates depends upon Bibles, tracts, audio tapes, and videos to present the Gospel and then to give the inmates at North Florida Reception Center materials for follow-up. Your labor of love is greatly appreciated. With more than 1,000 men transiting our facility monthly, we sometimes run out of Bibles and the excellent materials which show them the Way of life. Please convey our thanks to the contributors of Bible Believers Fellowship - you truly are partners in the Gospel (Philippians 1:3-6).”

Chaplain Dennis Durant, North Florida Reception Center-West Unit (Lake Butler, FL)

“My ministry has greatly benefited from Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. Some people send outdated “Bread of Life” booklets to the inmates and others items which do not minister to this age group. Outdated material is really an insult to these fellows.”

Chaplain Kathy Ray, Lake City Correctional Facility (Lake City, FL)

“Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. has helped me in my spiritual growth and Bible knowledge through the publication of their newsletters and Bible tracts and booklets. Their scriptural literature and teaching of God’s word is helping me to learn and understand God’s plans and purpose for my life and knowing my Savior Jesus Christ. I’m very thankful for their ministry and pray that God will continue to provide in meeting their [financial] needs...”

Inmate Troy E. Sullivan, Jackson Correctional Institution (Malone, FL)

“The videos and tracts have helped the most. These young men also enjoy Christian cartoons and Bible dramas. They will watch any Christian video before they will read a Christian book. Also, they like Christian comic books or tracts in a comic book format. Many of these young men have between 1 to 4 children, by 1 to 3 different women. They make choices without thinking of consequences. Any material donated will be well received by 95% of them.”

Chaplain Kathy Ray, Lake City Correctional Facility (Lake City, FL)

“Because of a rule in the Department of Corrections which states that “No religious material will be purchased through the inmate’s welfare trust fund” ...we are unable to get the material we so desperately need and are left to rely on donations to help the men in this prison. Thanks to Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc., who donate some of this material needed, we are able to provide these men with the material needed to build a strong spiritual foundation before entering society. Please consider making a donation to this ministry that helps those that are in need.”

Chaplain Dolores De Long, Hamilton Correctional Institution Annex (Jasper, FL)

“With Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.’s help, I have received the badly needed material that a young Christian behind bars needs to grow in the Faith. I and all of this ministry thank you for all your help in our time of need. Thank you again and may the Lord bless your ministry for ever.”

Inmate Omar M. Arias, Hamilton Correctional Institution Annex (Jasper, FL)

“In the fast pace of TV, fast food, and jets, the inmate population is accustomed to having something “grab” their attention. The videos donated by Bible Believers Fellowship provide a wonderful, full mix of historical events (believers during the Reformation) as well as other Christ-honoring info. We have a VCR projector which flashes the video on a wide screen. Since there can only be videos presented from the public library or nonprofit organization (such as BBFI), there is little in the way of Christian teaching. Personal videos cannot be shown - only donated videos. Thank you for providing quality, Christian programming enabling Christian inmates to grow and non-believers to come to faith in Jesus Christ. Inmates average reading ability is a fifth grade education. The little Bible booklets and pictured literature are quickly picked up by many of the semi-illiterate prison population. Please thank those who have contributed - particularly those who pray for us and have given sacrificially. God bless and keep you.”

Chaplain Dennis Durant, North Florida Reception Center-West Unit (Lake Butler, FL)

“Your anointed literature has several benefits. It shows to the inmates in a tangible fashion that they are loved and not forgotten. Since the literature is anointed it aids in breaking the yokes, lifting the burden and setting the men free.”

Chaplain Wayne Priest, New River Correctional Institution (Raiford, FL)


“My ministry here at WCCC has benefited from Bible Believers Fellowship’s support through newsletters, Bibles, and tracts that they donated prior to my chaplaincy. Since I became chaplain, they have faithfully donated newsletters in English and Spanish. Together with the joint effort of all, His servants including BBFI, God is saving and preserving souls each day. To Him be the power and the glory - now and forever.”

Chaplain Veronica Benkman, Women’s Community Correctional Center (Kailua, HI)


“The chapel program at any prison would be severely limited if it were not for volunteer persons and ministries - like Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. - that support us. Many inmates, that will not talk with a chaplain, will receive literature to read. That material, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, has potential to touch that life for Christ.”

Chaplain Del Vande Krol, Iowa State Penitentiary (Fort Madison, IA)


“We have received your newsletters for the past 3 years and the offenders are glad to have them to read. They also enjoy receiving books on Samuel Morris, since 90% of our offenders are black. Yours is one of two ministries that contribute items that I can take to our maximum security dorm for distribution to offenders. Our youths range from 13 - 21 years of age and many have had little or no contact with the church on the outside world. I appreciate very much your contributions and help in supplying materials to our offenders. I am happy to share your materials with these young offenders, who look forward to their arrival.”

Chaplain Dr. Gayle Dean, Jr., Swanson Correctional Center for Youth (Monroe, LA)

“I want to say that my studies through the Spanish ministry of Bible Believers Fellowship has been an exciting and fulfilling time in my life... The personal guidance and devotion by the staff has turned many rainy days of depression into days filled with sunshine through their constant beams of hope and encouragement. Praise the Lord!”

Nidia Vargas, inmate at Orleans Parish Prison (New Orleans, LA)


“Everything Bible Believers Fellowship donates to us is just another tool to share the Gospel and to help us reach the lost and edify the Body of Christ. Your contributions have been a great blessing to this ministry.”

Chaplain Orlando Jardim, Southeastern Correctional Center (Bridgewater, MA) (This facility was closed in 2002)

“For years, Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. have play a big role in my ministries and many other ministries with Bibles and literature, newsletters, everything is a blessing. The inmates look forward for your newsletter. I don’t have any means of financially helping you. However, I urge people to help maintain such a wonderful and blessed ministry. Please donate some Spanish Bibles. My flock consists of 40% Afro-American, 35% Spanish, 25% Anglo American and others.”

Chaplain Jesus Malave, M.C.I. Shirley Minimum Facility (Shirley, MA)


“Prisoners enjoy your newsletter. Also the videos are very good, the prisoners enjoy watching them. It is always helpful when outside organizations, such as yours, are willing to support prison ministries. The variety of material is always very helpful. You are in my prayers. Hopefully it will help because we do need your ministry.”

Chaplain James McKinley, Oaks Correctional Facility (Manistee, MI)

“You could never imagine how Bible Believers Fellowship has helped. When I started receiving Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. in 1994, I had been forced under segregated and isolated circumstances to stop praying, being subjected to exploitation of various forms of harassment - tactics - torture. I had not gotten on my knees for eighteen months. But I grew a thirst - a hunger for prayer during this time. Your first newsletter brought the reality of the demonic world alive for me. From that point on I have let nothing and no one stop me from praying. I’ve hungered every month for your newsletter.”

Inmate Dennis Van Lee, Huron Valley Men’s Facility (Ypsilanti, MI), transferred to Riverside Correctional Facility.

“My ministry is to provide religious programming for the entire prison population in a fair and economical way. This is best done at this facility through an outstanding team of volunteers representing many religious and spiritual practices and beliefs. It is also done by receiving much needed literature from ministries like Bible Believers Fellowship.”

Chaplain Sandra Daily, Western Wayne Correctional Facility (Plymouth, MI)


“I am fed by the non-traditionalist way Anne and her husband bring forth the relevance of God’s word.  Their newsletters in Spanish help me to witness to Latino inmates who do not speak English, but are in need of encouragement and hope. The newsletter is an iceberg breaker between different cultures, tongues and peoples. I’m sure Jesus approves of their ministry, which tells me others should be a greater part of this outreach. I send the “Spanish newsletter” to Latino friends in South and Central America when I am through with them. The newsletter is having a global impact for Jesus. Keep up the faithful work.”

Inmate Tom Wilmas, Moberly Corr. Center (Moberly, MO), transferred to Northeast Corr. Center (Bowling Green, MO).


“When I was serving time at Mid-State Correctional Facility back in 1995 and 1996, at church services one Sunday afternoon, I picked up “The Good News Letter.” As I started reading what the Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. was witnessing over to me, my entire life changed. I cannot really express everything. But ever since that period, I started forgetting about myself, and put God first in my life. And I still read “The Good News Letter” today. Praise the Lord.”

Inmate Lindsey Tino Johnson, East Jersey State Prison (Rahway, NJ)


“Because of your vision thru your ministry and concern, inmates receiving your literature and other material have been help with their daily reading and attending to the chapel. When they get released, they go with desire to attend church outside, which is a victory and with a vision to continue serving the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Chaplain Roberto Rodriguez, Otis Banton Correctional Center (East Elmhurst, NY)

“We recently received religious literature including ‘The Good News Letter,’ Bible tracts, post cards, tray cards and bookmarks, plus copies of New Testaments in Spanish and English. These supplemented our supply received from the Gideons annually. As there is no budget per se from our department for religious supplies and resources, the offering of donations aids us to not have to spend from personal resources for supplying religious materials for the inmates which are surely needed. We appreciate the donations received for the benefit of our prison ministry.”

Chaplain Judith Silva, Brooklyn Detention Complex (Brooklyn, NY)

“...Your Samuel Morris Book was appreciated which I found inspirational and encouraging in my walk with Jesus. “The Good News Letter” I only read once and I pray now [that I’ll be put on your] direct mailing list.”

Inmate George M. Boddingham, Great Meadow Corr. Facility (Comstock, NY)

“We are in need of many printed materials especially Bibles. Many of the men here do not stay very long so our on-going projects need resources to be replenished. We especially appreciate the Spanish materials [donated by BBFI] that many ministries can not help us with... Praise the Lord!”

Chaplain Oscar McLaughlin, Hudson Correctional Facility (Hudson, NY)


“Absolutely the materials from Bible Believers Fellowship have been invaluable in this ministry. The first contact with this population, ages 18-21, is usually with literature. Then they begin to attend the programs, they make decisions, become Christians, and then begin to grow and the literature is even then more valuable.”

Chaplain J. Don Jordan, Sandhills Youth Center (McCain, NC)  (Prison closed in June 2003)

“Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. is a tremendous source for many of the materials I desperately need in the performance of my ministry as a correctional chaplain. Almost every inmate incarcerated in my facility has his own personal Bible. There are constant requests for the role model books and tracts provided by BBFI. “The Good News Letter” we receive is dependable theologically and presents God’s message in simplistic manner. I think anyone who donates funds to BBFI is making an investment in God’s kingdom. While the public out cry toward offenders today is, “Lock ‘em up and throw away the key,” we must yet remember penal institutions are very much a part of the harvest field.”

Chaplain Raeford C. Wiggins, Franklin Correctional Center (Bunn, NC)


“I’m new in my position and have just received some of the info and Bibles, literature, and tapes that have been delivered. We greatly appreciate it. We are always in need of materials that will enable to keep these men from coming back to prison.”

Chaplain Stiemy Williams, Howard McLeod Correction Center (Atoka, OK)


“Because I do not receive any funding for Bibles and literature for the women, it has been truly a blessing to be able to acquire these for them from BBFI. You are truly a Godsend!”

Chaplain Dawn Daly-Mack, Philadelphia Industrial Corr. Center and the Cambria Corr. Center (Philadelphia, PA)

“What a blessing it has been to give so much to the women. We get no money from the prison to buy Bibles, etc. Please keep on doing what you are doing. I see many women (and men) come to know and understand the Lord and the Bible because of you.”

Chaplain Elaine Babcock, Philadelphia Industrial Corr. Center (Philadelphia, PA)


“Bible Believers Fellowship has helped me to trust in the Word of God rather than the interpretation of man. God through His Holy Spirit reveals to each individual an understanding of scripture related to God’s will for that person. I like the way that you wrote about the Prosperity Gospel - sometimes I wonder just who is being edified and worshipped, God or man. Your newsletter gets to the absolute core of an issue or topic, basically the truths spiritually discerned.”

Inmate Parker (asked us not to give his last name), James V. Allred Unit (Iowa Park, TX)

“Your tracts have helped me to understand some scriptural truth that has been misunderstood by many and I wasn’t sure of before. For that I am very thankful. They’ve helped others here also. The tracts are good sound scriptural literature.”

Inmate Robert W. Key, Wynne Unit (Huntsville, TX)

“I have received Bibles, books, literature and videos from BBFI. All of these items help the inmates to understand God’s word and to grow in their faith. Many of these men have free time to read and it is a blessing to have Christian literature to place in their hands. There are other religious groups competing for the souls and minds of these men. This literature helps spread the gospel and sets the captives free.”

Chaplain Mark W. Pickett, Hodge Unit (Rusk, TX)

“The Good News Letter reminds me that my real and personal relationship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is more important than any ministry. Being a Christian in prison is more important than talking about it.”

Inmate Richard (T.D.C.J. Policy: first name only), Hughes Unit (Gatesville, TX)


“Bible Believers Fellowship has been there to supply any request we have for ministry tools, whether tracts, books, videos. Any church, organization, or individual will be blessed by the Lord greatly if you support this ministry because Jesus said, “I was in prison and you visited Me, hungry and you gave Me food, naked and you clothed Me. What you do for prisoners you do unto Me” (this was paraphrased by Chaplain Watkins). God is moving in the prisons of America. You can get in on the harvest benefits by standing in prayer and financial support of this ministry.”

Chaplain Robert M. Watkins, Huttonsville Correctional Center (Huttonsville, WV)