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Life is hard right now! Most people are suffering, and everyone has a prayer request! So, if you love Christ, and would like others to pray for you, we have prepared this page. However we will only post legitimate requests.

Please enter your prayer request.

Please note - All prayer requests will remain listed here for 4 months.

We have the right to edit any prayer request (this includes spelling and/or grammar corrections and shortening the length if too long.)

Prayer Request by - Dhanesh
Location - United Arab Emirates
Prayer Request - Dear pastor. I would like to marry this year, please pray for me to find a prayer full and good girl to marry. Thanks.

Prayer Request by - Kundan Kumar
Location - India
Prayer Request - Father keep blessing my relationship with Vishakha Vimal. Keep the love between us pure, non betraying, and eternal. Make both of us righteous. Provide her as my true lover and spouse.

Prayer Request by - Jeffrey Rogers
Location - Gresham, South Carolina
Prayer Request - I need prayers for a miracle healing. I got in a car accident and I can't walk. I lost everything I had and I want prayer for the desire of my heart and for the right hand of God.

Prayer Request by - Virginia
Location - New Mexico
Prayer Request - Please pray for my daughter Ginny for healing of drug addiction, salvation, and peace and that God will bless her with a job and for little Noah.

Prayer Request by - Eric and Anne Kaestner
Location - New York
Prayer Request - We ask for special prayer for Stanley Read. He is the husband of Nina Read, one of our Board Members. Stanley has terminal liver cancer and is under radiation treatment after going off of chemotherapy. He recently had an accident getting out of an automobile. And he now has serious wounds on his arm. He’s in terrible pain. Please join us in praying for him.

Prayer Request by - Tll
Location - Texas
Prayer Request - Please uplift my son Leland during his current very difficult and dark time in jail. Praying for God's forgiveness, grace, and mercy to be upon him daily and for God's strength, encouragement, peace of mind, and favor to prevail in a positive manner to help him rebound and rebuild his young adult life. Praying for godly mentors to intercede on Leland's behalf and for a miracle blessing upon his life for God's glory. Thanks to all who are keeping Leland and our family in prayer. God is Able!

Prayer Request by - Virgilio Lim
Location - Philippines
Prayer Request - Good day, I am a volunteer in prison ministry. Please pray for me and my wife as we minister to female and male inmates at Maa, Davao City Jail. Thank you very much.

Prayer Request by - Patricia
Location - Texas
Prayer Request - Please pray for all Sex Addicts Anonymous. We need guidance and strength to guide us. It is an organization whose members need support. I need strength as I try to heal from this disease. Please pray for direction along this path.

Prayer Request by - Keijo Leppioja
Location - Sweden
Prayer Request - Help and pray for me in my fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus’ blood in salvation, but use own victims a lot place of Scandinavian (not sure what Keijo means). Thanks for helping. Bless, Keijo.

Prayer Request by - Lisa
Location - Kentucky
Prayer Request - Please pray for David who has lung cancer and think it's gone to his brain and has bad rash. He needs your prayers.

Prayer Request by - Sydney Mutambiranwa
Location - Botswana
Prayer Request - I am an evangelist based in Maun village, northwest district of Botswana. Every Saturday from 9 am to 11 am, I visit a local prison accommodating 200 inmates. An average of 60 to 80 inmates attend this bible teaching session. I seek for guided teaching for inmates to grow their faith.

Prayer Request by - Henry John
Location - Delhi, India
Prayer Request - My name is Henry John and I'm 34 years old. I had a fight with my fiancee named Rahel Sarkar and she is out of town, so I request you to pray that she come back as soon as possible.

Prayer Request by - Stephanie Hoos
Location - Westchester, New York
Prayer Request - I am a sex addict. Please pray for me.

Prayer Request by - Oluwatobi Amos
Location - Oyo State, Nigeria
Prayer Request - Please, I need God's mercy in my life.

Prayer Request by - Olajude Esther Ifeoluwa
Location - Nigeria
Prayer Request - I pray that God should help me with my carry overs Na and outstanding courses. He should raise helper for me I should convocate June 10 2017. I should not spill over in Jesus name. God should help me in my relationship and bless my parent and help Paul Adewusi to succeed.

Prayer Request by - Mesay
Location - Ethiopia
Prayer Request - May the peace of the Lord be with you. I just want you to pray for me about the current situation I have passing through specially with my girl friend whom she lives at Dubay. Thank you. Bless you.

Prayer Request by - Mary Clark
Location - Buffalo, New York
Prayer Request - Pray for my son Jeremy Clark who is incarcerated fighting a addiction over 15 years. For my brother-in-law Ed who is fighting brain cancer.

Prayer Request by - Janet
Location - Florida
Prayer Request - I pray I have a closer walk with God and know Him. I pray I don't have to go to prison for life. I want God so much and His forgiveness.

Prayer Request by - jiss
Location - Kerala, South India
Prayer Request - Please pray for my family, names are Susan and Abin. They have some mental depression.

Prayer Request by - Leo Sourisseau
Location - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Prayer Request - I pray that Jesus Christ returns to Earth soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him, and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord at His return. Amen.

Prayer Request by - Tina Marie
Location - Diamondtown, Pennsylvania
Prayer Request - My daughter Abigail Rose has been in foster care for 7 months and I just got out of prison. My daughter has lost a lot of weight and shows signs of abuse. Please pray that God will hear my prayers and the county will take action and move her. Please pray for Abigail Rose Green.

Prayer Request by - Hnin Wai Hlaing
Location - Myanmar
Prayer Request - My life is very confused that why I want to my future life is more than better with my son. (We don’t really understand what Hnin Wai Hlaing wants prayer for).

Prayer Request by - Veronica
Location - San Antonio, Texas
Prayer Request - Asking for prayer for my brother who is incarcerated. My family is so broken. Praying for justice to be served. Believing GOD for favor, a miracle in JESUS name. We are believers, we know that GOD did not bring us this far to leave us. GOD always makes a way. Praying that He shifts things around.

Prayer Request by - Liam Bellamy
Location - Richmond, Virginia
Prayer Request - I want my parents to love me and my gay to go away.

Prayer Request by - Eric and Anne Kaestner
Location - New York
Prayer Request - Like everyone else, we too have serious needs. Anne has been suffering with extremely severe skin rashes for decades. The itching is horrendous! Eric has both sciatica and colitis. Both are very painful. We are also in a lot of debt as we have lent tens of thousands to this ministry (Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.), and have been unable to get reimbursed. It has created a serious hardship for us. Please keep us in your prayers!

Prayer Request by - Keijo Leppioja
Location - Sweden
Prayer Request - Help and pray for me in my the fight against false doctrine who do not confess Jesus’ blood in salvation, but use own victims to save a lot place of Scandinavian. Thanks for helping. God bless, Keijo.

Prayer Request by - Lisa
Location - Baltimore, Maryland
Prayer Request - Reconciliation in a broken relationship between Lisa and John, and also a house for my family of four.

Prayer Request by - Biniyam
Location - Ethiopia
Prayer Request - My request is I ask our Father Lord in Heaven to please, in Jesus name to be anointed to serve you in all my life.

Prayer Request by - Chala Gelana
Location - Ethiopia
Prayer Request - First of all I would like to thank the Lord for His Mercy even though I am not a man living for His word and will. I am addicted with a porn and I always think about sex. So I want you to pray for me to be set free of this addiction through out my life!!! Thank you!!!!

Prayer Request by - Angela Hughes
Location - Kentucky
Prayer Request - Lord, your Word speaks promises of healing and restoration and we thank you for the miracles you still perform today. We claim those promises over Victoria. We believe in the healing power of faith in Jesus Christ and prayer. We ask you Lord to begin your mighty work in the life of Victoria.

Prayer Request by - Jonalyn Jose
Location - Philippines
Prayer Request - Guidance and protection for family, neighbors, schoolmates, enemies.

Prayer Request by - Devadas
Location - Malaysia
Prayer Request - My name is Devadas from Malaysia. Please pray for me to be financially strong and stable so that I will be enable to support whom are solely dependent on me.

Prayer Request by - Alicia Cowan
Location - Alexandria, Louisiana
Prayer Request - My request is I ask our Father Lord in Heaven to please, in Jesus name, release Shaun Keith Cowan from Wasco State Prison. Please dear Lord and that we are both free from disease and that the Lord please let me have my children back and to bless my mother financially in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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