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Changing lives through God's Word

Please help us to get the Gospel into prisons.

Changed lives through Christ can reduce crime.

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We need your help now so that our Christian prison ministry can get the Gospel into prisons nationwide. Lives can be changed and crimes can be reduced. Please contribute what you can and if possible donate on a monthly basis. Thank you in advance for your financial support.

Do you have a prayer request? Are you a prayer warrior and want to pray for others? Check out our Prayer Requests page.

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Why Donate to Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.

If you are wondering whether or not to you should donate to our 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Christian charity, we have created some website pages for you to view. These include Testimonials of Chaplains and Inmates, Financial Accountability of Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc., and Be a Partner in the Great Commission.

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Other Ways to Donate to Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.

If you are an employee of the Federal Government or certain State Governments or Corporations, you can pledge and donate to Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. through payroll deductions during their annual fundraising seasons. We have created a special web page for anyone interested in this method of donating to our organization.

We also accept donations of Christian material. This includes Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels of John, and miscellaneous other material. If you are able to donate material, please contact us first and mention what is available. Prisons have strict rules in what they will allow to receive and we have to abide by those regulations.

Other ways to help our Christian organization include -

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For the year of 2014, our Administrative and Fundraising Expenses’ Ratio was 4.9%. That means that 95.1% of every dollar goes to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to prisons and correctional facilities nationwide. We pray that those who are viewing our website (Federal, State, Corporate employees or others in the public) will help us by donating to Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. This can be done with a one time gift, pledging with monthly contributions, getting our audios for a donation, or through the Combined Federal Campaign, State, or Corporate Campaigns with payroll deduction. You can also help by buying our ebooks or Christian Screen Savers.

Financial pie chart. Donate to Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.