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Jerome Callanan working at Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. and Christian materials

Due to poor funding, we cannot restock our supplies. But because of donations of materials from individuals, the American Bible Society, and other Christian organizations, we are able to distribute a limited amount of Bibles, New Testaments, Bible studies, and other material to prison chaplains. However, we are limiting the number of facilities we assist and the amounts needed for the inmates.

Christian materials are desperately needed in the prisons throughout the United States. Without Christian material, the chaplains are at a great disadvantage. Many inmates do not go to chapel services and the only way they find out about Jesus is through literature, audios, or videos. For this reason, please consider to donate to our 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Jerome Callanan working at Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. and Christian materials
Type of Material Distributed Amounts Needed Per Year Amounts Distributed Since 1993
English Bibles 110,012 14,286
Spanish Bibles 25,276 3,673
English New Testaments 21,181 9,494
Spanish New Testaments 5,505 935
Gospels of John 20,886 7,756
Small Bible Booklets 160,803 381,005
Bible Studies 60 266
Misc. Christian Books 81,877 25,533
Christian Counseling Book Sets 837 334
Christian Tracts 303,842 122,996
Christian Leaflets 44,390 257,157
Christian Bookmarks 51,353 59,470
Christian Tray Cards 36,085 112,806
Christian Post Cards 80,590 24,005
Christian Calendars 69,607 34,632
Christian Picture Books 5,057 2,071
Christian Activity Books 5,190 1,007
Christian Videos 4,613 1,300
Christian Audios 915 29

"The Good News Letter" Requested and Distributed

Since 1989, more than one million copies of our English publication, "The Good News Letter," have been distributed to inmates nationwide. And from 1994 to the present, about 210,000 in Spanish have been given out to inmates.

Packages of our newsletters were provided free of charge to prison chaplains nationwide and were distributed by them to Christian inmates. In some facilities the newsletter went directly to individual prisoners when it was not available through the chaplain. Many inmates informed us that "The Good News Letter" was used as a Bible study and was often passed from one inmate to another.

Due to poor funding, the newsletter distribution in print form has been suspended. However, our teaching newsletter is still available on our website in English and Spanish versions whenever a new issue is published. If you would like to be notified when a new issue of "The Good News Letter" is available, please use the Subscribe for our Christian Ministry Updates button located toward the bottom on each page.

Type of Material Distributed Amounts Needed Per Month Amounts Distributed Annually
English Newsletters 32,821 Suspended due to poor funding
Spanish Newsletters 9,076 Suspended due to poor funding

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