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Your Prayer Requests

Life is hard right now! Most people are suffering, and just about everyone has a prayer request! So, if you love Christ, and would like others to pray for you, we have prepared this page. However we will only post legitimate requests and we have the right to edit any prayer request (including spelling and/or grammar corrections and shortening the length if too long.)

Please note - All prayer requests will remain listed here for 2 months.

Prayer Request by - Caryn Baker

Location - North Carolina

Prayer Request - I pray that someone rescues my son Gregory Gutcheon who is at Folsom prison. He has 9 years and did 3 in and out of trouble since he was a teen. He contacted me for a long time saying he was doing Bible study on the radio his dad provided. Haven't heard from him accept one call. Pray someone will talk to him.


Prayer Request by - Neelam Immaniyelu

Location - South India

Prayer Request - Greetings to you In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am pastor Immaniyelu from India. My ministry’s name is Noah's Ark Ministry. Please pray for my ministry.


Prayer Request by - Becky Ruiz

Location - California

Prayer Request - Please pray for my nephew who is on parole. He was a passenger in a friend’s car and for some reason a cop stopped them and may have also been over his mile limit. Please pray that nothing happens to him and that God will protect him. Thank you.


Prayer Request by - Marian

Location - Bucuresti, Romania

Prayer Request - Please pray for my healing.


Prayer Request by - Wilfred M

Location - Somalia

Prayer Request - Almighty Lord, thanks for the gift of life, family, health, providence and friends. Almighty, bless 2017 so that it can be a year of total transformation so that my family and I can soar like eagles. Lord, bless our company so that we get over this financial crisis. Bless my wife, daughter and son.


Prayer Request by - Becky Duran

Location - Fresno, California

Prayer Request - Forgiving, living God. My son and daughter are facing time and years in jail or prison for defending themselves from strangers attacking him and my daughter at a dance. My daughter and son need you. Have mercy on them both. Forgive them. They have court on Feb.10. Forgiving God be their lawyer. Amen.


Prayer Request by -  Giselle Jorge

Location - Brasil

Prayer Request - Hi, I need prayer for reconciliation between me and my sister Bruna Alves Rodrigues. It’s been eight months since she won’t be talking to me and I’m in a deep depression. Also, I need prayers for her to be set free and find another church cause these people manipulate her...


Prayer Request by - P. Ceciele

Location - Virginia

Prayer Request - I have been faced with multiple medical challenges and with the help of God have overcome some of them. I continue to face additional medical challenges and pray that God will provide the miracle I need to be restored to health. Please pray with me and for me for complete healing. Thank you so much.


Prayer Request by - Lisa

Location - Unknown

Prayer Request - Prayer request for Forgiveness and Reconciliation in a broken relationship between John and Lisa, and also Salvation for John.


Prayer Request by - Sylvia Medina

Location - Los Angeles, California

Prayer Request - Please pray for my 20 year old son who has been sentenced to a 18 year prison term. For his safety and his spiritual life. For him to have patience and be courageous.


Prayer Request by - Keijo Leppioja

Location - Sweden

Prayer Request - Help and pray for me in my the fight against false doctrine, who does not confess Jesus’s blood in salvation, but use own victim to save a lot place of Scandinavian (not sure what Keijo meant here). Thanks for helping, bless, Keijo.


Prayer Request by - Annadean Rodriguez

Location - Round Rock, Texas

Prayer Request - that the Lord helps me get the answer that I am seeking for. Tomorrow for my husbands release that he can be home with me, his wife, and kids.


Prayer Request by - Nnadi Nathaniel

Location - Owerri, Nigeria

Prayer Request - Almighty God’s protection, restoration, and real love and peace in Nigeria.


Prayer Request by - Casey Horner

Location - Colorado

Prayer Request - Please pray for my son Brayden who is 16 and has been using drugs. Also my husband who struggles with sobriety. God is good all the time!


Prayer Request by - Pastor Saleem Raza

Location - BMS Bethel Church of Pakistan

Prayer Request - On 25th December, 2016 (Christmas Time) at Christian town Mabarickabad, many people were drinking contaminated liquor. About 31 people died and 20 people are in serious condition in hospitals. Let’s pray for the families who lost their loved ones. Pray for widows and orphans. We are ready to help them in this difficult time, but right now we don’t have sources. Please pray for these families.


Prayer Request by - Linda Chaney

Location - Spencer, Oklahoma

Prayer Request - Please pray for my son, James, who is in prison, and many other young family members who are going down the same drug infested "partying" lifestyle that got my son in prison.


Prayer Request by - Art

Location - Kansas City

Prayer Request - Please pray with me against crime to me. Thank you.


Prayer Request by - Leighanne

Location - Louisville, Kentucky

Prayer Request - I’ve been praying everyday for a year in half. My son is in Larue Correction Center waiting for shock probation. It's up to the Judge. I don't know what to do anymore. It's in God’s hands. I know prayer is already answered. Just need more prayers. God knows everything. Just got to wait. I have faith and hope.


Prayer Request by - Richard LaPlante

Location - Southbridge, Massachusetts

Prayer Request - I am seeking God to open the doors of Shirley, Mass. Prison for ministry. I do have a family member there who is not a believer and I  would like the chance to minister to all and him. Lord willing.


Prayer Request by - Asha

Location - Hyderabad, India

Prayer Request - Dear Brother, please pray for my marriage restoration. He has strayed and and I know my Creator has the wisdom to restore the life in my marriage. He has the power to raise armies of dead bones. He has power to bring my husband back. Please pray. It’s the best time of year and turn my sorrow to celebration.


Prayer Request by - Desperate

Location - Australia

Prayer Request - I have made a mistake and God knows about it. I pray that He will cover it up from me and I will move on with God.


Prayer Request by - Hanne Birte

Location - Norway

Prayer Request - Pray for a Christian brother from Iraq about strength and courage and that Jesus soon will eject a residence permit to him here in Norway, where he is safe! He needs it badly and he is in great danger if they are sending him back to Iraq, as a former Muslim! Thank you! God bless you!


Prayer Request by - Michaelene

Location - Michigan

Prayer Request - My son is being held in Costal Bend Detention Center. His daughter needs prayer for peace concerning this situation. Tom needs protection, he has mental illness. God bless, from a praying mom and grandmother who believes nothing is impossible with God.


Prayer Request by - Pastor Mbuga Fredrick

Location - Mid West Uganda

Prayer Request - Praise the Lord. Both of us, Pastor Mbuga and Julius Tugume, have a passion in reaching out to the lost in prisons and schools and hospitals since 2015. We have positive results as many prisoners have received Christ and we need to pray for us that the move of GOD to be with us in our ministry.


Prayer Request by - Gbemiro Ogundola

Location - Lagos, Nigeria

Prayer Request - God should bring total separation between I Gbemiro mosimabale Ogundola and strong demonic spirit wife that refuse to let me go and God should break any covenants with any strong demonic spirit wife in my life.


Prayer Request by - Sandrs Presley

Location - Georgia

Prayer Request - Granddaughter will not have to be in special ed.


Prayer Request by - Marie

Location - Gloversville, New York

Prayer Request - Please pray for my daughters Mariah and Maresa, they are both incarcerated and sentenced with many years. I feel helpless and need miracles. Mariah is very lonely without any family or support of friends. Maresa is hard hearted and doesn't communicate with me. We need a miracle that only God can do.


Prayer Request by - Wanda Davis

Location - Nashville, Tennessee

Prayer Request - Please pray for niece Maxine Davis, age 22. She is locked up in Jail in Pensacola, Florida for Trespassing. Meet court on 01, November, 2016. Please PRAY that she will accept JESUS and GOD will RESTORE her life. Pray that GOD will protect and pray that she will never come back to jail.


Prayer Request by - Nyakojo Donavan

Location - Kandahar (but from Uganda)

Prayer Request - Back home we have problems. We have no parents, they died and left young kids who are on my bill. And when I look into my future, and the money I am getting here, I see life is getting hard for me.


Prayer Request by - Michael

Location - Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Prayer Request - We planned a big trip ahead for October 5th and invested a lot of efforts and finances. Now issues came up at work. Please pray that the trip stays as planned and management would not hold me at work over my work schedule. Thank you.


Prayer Request by - Malaika Said

Location - Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Prayer Request - My boyfriend, Donovan is in jail. We are both praying that all his cases are dismissed and he can come home to spend Thanksgiving with me this year.


Prayer Request by - Cynthia

Location - Connecticut

Prayer Request - I pray that Jesus protects all prisoners and they all have faith in Jesus.


Prayer Request by - Shereesei Clark

Location - New Jersey

Prayer Request - I need God to bless me with a home and finance.


Prayer Request by - Giselle Lopes Jorge

Location - MG (?)

Prayer Request - Hi. I need prayer against unforgiveness and for me to receive the Holy Spirit fully into my life. I’ve been feeling depressed and lost. To Jesus, restore my relationship with my sister Bruna, asking for her forgiveness and break her silence towards me, amen. She just wont talk to me.


Prayer Request by - William

Location - Dayton, Ohio

Prayer Request - I am trusting God through a stressful situation at work. I am praying for God to intervene.


Prayer Request by - Leighanne

Location - Louisville, Kentucky

Prayer Request - My son is waiting for answer from the judge for shock probation this week. Please pray for him to be home so.


Prayer Request by - Cynthia Kibler

Location - Muncy, Pennsylvania

Prayer Request - My husband was arrested because of someone’s lies. He is waiting for his preliminary and is being abused by the other inmates. We need funds for an attorney because of the serious charges he faces. Please pray for our families’ safe return and thank you in advance. Good bless.


Prayer Request by - Robert Hodge

Location - Wisconsin

Prayer Request - I am an ex con and I live in Wisconsin. I write songs and use them to minister for Jesus. I was told by the Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections that as long as I’m on paper I cannot even witness for Jesus. I cannot share my testimony with others on the street or minister in church. PLEASE pray for me.


Prayer Request by - Eileen

Location - Miami, Florida

Prayer Request - For the past two days I have been feeling fear for no cause. I have dealt with my ex’s ex-girlfriend throwing witchcraft at us for 3 years until finally we split 3 months ago. I decided to leave after he cheated on me with her. I have been fasting mid days for the last 2 months...


Prayer Request by - Maria

Location - Pomona

Prayer Request - My prayer request is unity in the family, financial stability, to own our home, and my marriage. Spiritual growth. God will remove fear from my family. Thank you. God Bless you.


Prayer Request by - Leighanne

Location - Louisville, Kentucky

Prayer Request - Hi, my son has been in jail for 13 months and I have been praying day and night that he can come home. Everyone makes mistakes in their lives and deserve a second chance. So please pray that he gets out this month. He doesn’t deserve to be in there. I need all the help I can get. Thank you.

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