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Employer  or Corporate match is a popular employee benefit at major corporations. For instance, if you donate $100, your employer (if it is listed on the GiveDirect form) will match that amount and we will receive it from them.

Your contributions will help share God’s Word with those who are living in deep spiritual darkness. Not only will you be part of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), but you will also help to reduce crime by redirecting the paths of those to be released from the ways of their criminal past to the straight and narrow (Matthew 7:13-14) leading to Christ.

Please consider donating on a recurring monthly basis.

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For the year of 2022, 95.5% of every dollar went to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to prisons and correctional facilities nationwide.

Did You Know That

  • $10 will reach 4 to 7 inmates with Christian literature (tracts, booklets, post cards)
  • $25 will buy and distribute 5 role model books.
  • $50 will provide 3 Christian videos to prison chaplains.
  • $100 buys and distributes 25 paperback Bibles.


“Because of a rule in the Department of Corrections which states that “No religious material will be purchased through the inmate’s welfare trust fund” ...we are unable to get the material we so desperately need and are left to rely on donations to help the men in this prison. Thanks to Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc., who donate some of this material needed, we are able to provide these men with the material needed to build a strong spiritual foundation before entering society. Please consider making a donation to this ministry that helps those that are in need.”
Chaplain Dolores De Long
Hamilton Corr. Institution Annex (Jasper)

“Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. has been instrumental in providing key Gospel materials and Bibles to present to the more than 1,000 men transiting North Florida Reception Center monthly. The evangelistic outreach to these inmates depends upon Bibles, tracts, audio tapes, and videos to present the Gospel and then to give the inmates at North Florida Reception Center materials for follow-up. Your labor of love is greatly appreciated. With more than 1,000 men transiting our facility monthly, we sometimes run out of Bibles and the excellent materials which show them the Way of life. Please convey our thanks to the contributors of Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. - you truly are partners in the Gospel (see Philippians 1:3-6).”
Chaplain Dennis Durant
North Florida Reception Center-West Unit 

“We have received your newsletters for the past 3 years and the offenders are glad to have them to read. They also enjoy receiving books on Samuel Morris, since 90% of our offenders are black. Yours is one of two ministries that contribute items that I can take to our maximum security dorm for distribution to offenders. Our youths range from 13 - 21 years of age and many have had little or no contact with the church on the outside world. I appreciate very much your contributions and help in supplying materials to our offenders. I am happy to share your materials with these young offenders, who look forward to their arrival.”
Chaplain Dr. Gayle Dean, Jr.
Swanson Correctional Center for Youth (Monroe)

Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. is a tremendous source for many of the materials I desperately need in the performance of my ministry as a correctional chaplain.  Almost every inmate incarcerated in my facility has his own personal Bible.  There are constant requests for the role model books and tracts provided by BBFI.  “The Good News Letter” we receive is dependable theologically and presents God’s message in simplistic manner.  I think anyone who donates funds to BBFI is making an investment in God’s kingdom. ”
Chaplain Raeford C. Wiggins
Franklin Corr. Center (Bunn)
North Carolina

Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. has been there to supply any request we have for ministry tools, whether tracts, books, videos.  Any church, organization, or individual will be blessed by the Lord greatly if you support this ministry because Jesus said, “I was in prison and you visited Me, hungry and you gave Me food, naked and you clothed Me.  What you do for prisoners you do unto Me” (this was paraphrased by Chaplain Watkins). God is moving in the prisons of America.  You can get in on the harvest benefits by standing in prayer and financial support of this ministry.”
Chaplain Robert M. Watkins
Huttonsville Correctional Center
West Virginia

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Giving online provides a very secure way for you to donate to our ministry. It is very important to protect your personal information (such as name, address, credit card info, etc.). Therefore, Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc., and the bank processing companies that collect the info, use SSL/TLS encryption technology on all pages where sensitive information is submitted.

Payroll DeductionDonate by Payroll Deduction

Donate by Payroll Deduction

Donate to us by payroll deduction through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)State Campaigns, or Corporate Campaigns. These campaigns usually take place during the last quarter of each year. We will receive quarterly payments from the Federations we participate in June, September, December, and March.

Donate Through DAFDonate Through DAF

Donate Through DAF

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a philanthropic financial vehicle in which donors contribute money to an investment fund managed by a sponsoring organization. Donors can contribute cash and a wide range of non-cash assets, including stocks, shares of mutual funds, publicly-traded securities, private assets, and crypto.

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Donate thru Buying or Selling

Another way of helping us is to buy something at iGive and they will donate a portion to our organization. Or sell something on eBay and donate part of the proceeds to us.

You can also help by buying our ebooks sold at many of the online bookstores.

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Donate now by credit card to help us reach those who are in spiritual darkness. God’s Word changes lives!

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Give Now

Donate now by credit card to help us reach those who are in spiritual darkness. God’s Word changes lives!


Prayer Request

Do you have a prayer request? If so and you would like others to pray for you, we encourage you to click below.



We will send you an email whenever we release a new ebook, newsletter, or other information. 

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