Board Of Directors of BBFI

Board of Directors

Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. became a non-profit organization in 1989. In the year of 1990, we were granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization. 

Our organization is regulated by a five person Board of Directors which meets two to three times yearly. Terms are for 1 year and each director can be re-elected. 

The founders and managing officers of Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. are Eric Kaestner and Anne Kaestner. 

Additional info about the founders is as follows - 

Board of Directors

Eric Kaestner - President and Chief Executive Officer

Eric Kaestner

Along with being President and CEO, Eric also serves as Treasurer.

He also oversees computer operations and has designed some of the programs we use. Moreover, as our ministry expands and changes, Eric continually updates and adapts our computer system in order to keep up with our current needs. His careful planning has enabled us to streamline our work and create a far more efficient environment in which to grow.

In the early days of this ministry, Eric also wrote articles which we have adapted into tracts and ebooks. Occasionally, he has also counseled inmates, both in person and through the mail. Aside from this, Eric does the desktop publishing of our newsletters, little Bible booklets, and tracts and he oversees the work on our Spanish language translations. Eric orders most of the software, equipment, videos, Bibles, and printed material that we purchase, and he keeps a careful check over our entire inventory.

For two decades, our presence on the World Wide Web has been handled by Eric, and he does all of the layout and HTML formatting for our web pages. Our discontinued Christian screen savers were also created, promoted, and marketed by Eric.

Along with all the above mentioned duties, Eric has edited and digitally remastered our audio called "Sin and Redemption" by Anne Kaestner as well as readings from the Holy Bible by Norris Greer.

Finally, Eric is now taking on the additional task of editing and designing our ebooks. Although most of the ebooks are written by Anne, he is also writing some of his own. He is doing all covers and chapter designs with the help of ideas from his wife, Anne.

Anne Kaestner - Vice President and Executive Director

Anne Kaestner

Anne also functions as Secretary of the Corporation, and is involved in all major Executive decisions. She attends all Board of Directors meetings, as well as any initial and/or important meetings with professionals hired by the Corporation, including legal, banking, and accounting services. Anne runs the office and is also in charge of personnel.

Anne is in charge of spiritual and doctrinal matters, and most written communication. Except for an occasional inmate testimony, she does all of the writing for our publication "The Good News Letter" and most of our mass produced literature and ebooks.

She is in charge of all counseling, the majority of which she handles personally.  She is actively involved in researching information that will assist us with our newsletter articles and similar literature, including our "Answers To Your Questions" series.

Besides this, she personally reads any and all books and screens all videos that we purchase for distribution. She pioneered our efforts to purchase, at a drastically reduced price, the numerous Christian role model books and videos that we distribute free of charge in correctional facilities nationwide. She arranged for the BBFI imprint in our role model books and worked to ensure that we receive copyright clearance on all the Christian videos that we distribute to prisons and jails.

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