CA State Employees Giving at Work Initiative

CA State Employees Giving at Work Initiative

We are grateful for your past pledges to Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. and want to thank you for doing so.

However, we have been denied inclusion in this year's campaign.

CA State Employees Giving at Work Initiative

Due to the Liberal’s war on Christianity, we ask all our readers to pray about a problem we are having with the CA State Employees Giving at Work Initiative. Since 2001 we have been included in the campaign every year. We thank all the California state workers who have been kind enough to donate to our ministry through their yearly pledges. However, this year California has decided to deny us participation in the campaign.

First, we were notified that their rules had changed. For the first time, all non-profits had to be registered with the California State Department of Justice. They told us this in May of this year. We complied with their terms and received an exemption for being a religious organization. We thought everything was satisfactory. Then they informed us that we were denied participation in the campaign. Our California based Federation told us that the cutoff date was June 30th. According to the State of California Department of Justice website we were exempt on June 29th. However, they told us that June 30th was the cutoff date to receive donations they had raised for us for the previous campaign! As of September 5, 2017 we have not receive them!

We then found out that the cutoff date for participation in the Autumn 2017 campaign was June 8th. As a result, we have not been included in the 2017 CA State Employees Giving at Work Initiative. Therefore, if you normally donate to Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. through the California State fundraising campaign, please consider making your contribution directly to: Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc., P.O. Box 0065, Baldwin, New York 11510 if by check or money order. Or online at Donate to our Prison Ministry. If you have any questions, please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you. Thank you!

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