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Changing lives through God's Word

Please help us to get the Gospel into prisons.

Changed lives through Christ can reduce crime.

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We need your help now so that our Christian prison ministry can get the Gospel into prisons nationwide. Lives can be changed and crimes can be reduced. Please contribute what you can and if possible donate on a monthly basis. Thank you in advance for your financial support.

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Prison Ministry and man reading Bible.





 Huttonsville Correctional Center

(Huttonsville, West Virginia)

“God is moving in the prisons of

America. You can get in on the

harvest benefits by standing in prayer

and financial support of this ministry.”

Holding hands in prayer. Prison inmates at a chapel worship service.

Jerome Callanan

Worked for us at Bible

Believers Fellowship, Inc.

in Baldwin, New York

Jerome loved crime,

drugs, and guns.

He was always in and

out of prisons. His very

last arrest was for

armed robbery. Jerome

accepted Jesus Christ

as his Lord and Savior

while in prison and

here he is working for

us at our non-profit

Christian prison


Chaplain Gerald Silliman and his wife

Palmer Corr. Center

in Palmer, Alaska

The videos and the

tracts that you have

given us are GREAT!

The inmates are

excited about the

new material. I thank

God for people like

you. I pray that God

continues to bless

your ministry and all

people associated

with it. Keep up the

good work!

Tom Wilmas

Inmate at Northeast Corr.

Center in Bowling Green,


I am fed by the non-traditionalist way Anne

and her husband bring

forth the relevance of

God’s word. Their newsletters in Spanish

help me to witness to Latino inmates who

don’t speak English,

but are in need of

encouragement and

hope. Keep up the

faithful work.

Inmate Tom Wilmas at Northeast Corr. Center in Bowling Green, Missouri. Chaplain Gerald Silliman and his wife in Alaska. Jerome Callanan working at Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. in Baldwin, New York.

There are 2.3 million prisoners in correctional facilities today

and there are an additional 4.8 million people on probation or

on parole.

95% of all convicts will be released back into society.

Eventually, 95% of all convicts will be released back

into society.

2 out of 3 released inmates will commit crimes again.Statistics tell us that 67% of released inmates will

commit crimes again. However, only 40% of those

who receive Christian training commit new offenses.

Our prison ministry is reaching men and women in prison with

the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Lives are being transformed. When

these convicts are released, they will be less likely to commit

new crimes.

Emil Joseph Ekdahl

Inmate at State Prison in

Corcoran, California

I felt God calling me.

I knew it would be the

last time, so as a lost

son I came home to

that altar that day.

I cried and repented

and the Holy Spirit

baptized me right

then. Now as my

parole nears, all I

want is to tell others

about Jesus and His

love for us . We have

an Awesome God!

Inmate Emil Joseph Ekdahl in Corcoran State Prison in California.